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TheraGun Pre-Order Before Feb 15!

TheraGun has been a Wash Park Chiro partner for years. Dr. Goodman first met the founder of TheraGun, Jason Wersland at sports chiropractic conference when he was launching is very first, just out of the garage prototype. We have been huge fans ever since. Jason is a friend and a colleague and we are so thrilled to FINALLY carry and sell his TheraGun products at Washington Park Chiropractic.

There are several ‘massage guns’ on the market, so why should you support TheraGun? First, the product speaks for itself. It is the real deal and the world leader in percussive therapy. In addition to our genuine fandom, TheraGun has generously donated two highly coveted TheraGun devices to the last two Kingsbury Open Charity Golf Tournaments (founded by Dr. Goodman).

Email or Text us to PRE-ORDER your TheraGun or TheraGun Mini before February 15th to save!!

See descriptions and accessories HERE. If you’d like to order any other products or accessories they all be discounted by 10%

Once ordered, your TheraGun will be delivered right to our office for you to pick up at your convenience. Thank you for supporting our small business and the huge launch of TheraGun joining the Wash Park Chiro brand.

Call or Text 303-744-1700



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