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Chiropractic care for infants and kids is safe, effective and can be an important part of your child’s life. Some kids are born into this world needing a little extra help, others need some help as they grow and develop. Our doctors can help parents determine what type of treatment is necessary as your kids mature.


Children should establish their chiropractic care history early in life.  Just as pediatrician does a wellness check-up on your children at key milestones, so do our doctors.  Important biomechanical milestones include:

  • Birth

  • Sitting Up

  • Crawling

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Transitioning to Sports

  • Sports Performance

How will I know if my child should see a chiropractor?

During the first few years kids should schedule well visits monthly or as milestones approach. However, if you see any of the following behavior, schedule an appointment sooner:

  • Infant who has colic, acid reflux, trouble nursing, head tilt, trouble sleeping, severe irritability

  • Baby who is crawling unconventionally – scooting or commando crawling

  • Toddler who is increasingly clumsy or falls a lot

  • Child who jumps on trampolines often

  • Suspicion of scoliosis

  • Any sporting or casual fall or injury

  • Headaches

  • Pediatrician recommendation of brace, orthotic, helmet or other device, we can offer a second opinion

We work closely with area pediatricians to maximize your child’s success with chiropractic care. There can be common, easy to treat biomechanical reasons that your child may be symptomatic which are supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Articles and support can be found at the AAP. Search ‘chiropractic’ for many articles and research.

You can purchase a 6-visit package of pediatric visits HERE.

                                        Interested in what a pediatric visit looks like at our office? Check out this video!