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It is hard to overstate the value of routine, maintenance care for your body. Joint mobility, muscle and ligament tone, inflammation, immune system health and nerve function are all profoundly affected by regular attention from chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutritionists. That is why our team is stacked with the best in their fields. Any of our providers can recommend a regular, collaborative approach for you, depending on your history, goals and preferences. Our typical recommendation is to receive body work in some form at least monthly!

Why schedule monthly chiropractic adjustments?
  • Adjustments provide lubrication to the tiny joints of your spine that can otherwise stiffen up over time, eventually leading to arthritis

  • Inflammation hardens over time (specifically over about 4 weeks) creating adhesion and fibrosis between layers of muscles, ligaments and joint capsules. Adjustments break up these adhesions and allow your body to process and get rid of inflammation

  • Improve sports performance in the way of mobility, speed and strength. Adjustments improve joint mobility, ligament alignment and affect and reset muscle spindles and corpuscles which allow them to be more responsive. 

  • Reset your nervous system. Adjustments have a profound effect on the nervous system and it’s communication with your entire body. You may sleep better, have better focus and concentration at work or school and feel more relaxed.

  • Feel better. Adjustments affect your immune system, sinuses, ear cavities and reduce headache triggers. Adjustments also improve digestion and PMS symptoms.

Why schedule monthly massage?
  • Relieve stress. A great way to help relax away the daily stress experienced throughout life. Stress can be reduced which can help boost energy levels and help heal physical wellness.

  • Promote muscle relaxation. Decrease muscular pains by relieving tense muscles, this can increase muscle flexibility and promote circulation which allows nutrients and oxygen to reach and heal muscles faster.

  • Improve circulation. With improved circulation entire bodily function is improved. This can be: better immune reactions, lower blood pressure, improved muscle repair, etc.

  • Improved posture. By relaxing tense muscles and helping strengthen lengthened muscles the body can help realign itself and decrease daily chronic pain in areas like the upper/lower back, neck, jaw, and feet.

  • Improved performance. Daily performance can be improved which can be from work performance to sports performance. With increase flexibility and postures the body can work more efficiently and improve any performance desired. 

Why schedule monthly acupuncture?
  • An easy low maintenance habit to help heal pain and fight chronic stress

  • Reduce stress. Stress is a major cause of disease in the body and acupuncture is known to reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increase endorphins. 

  • Improve sleep. Studies show that acupuncture improves sleep quality and increases melatonin production.

  • Emotional health.  Chinese medicine explores and treats the effects of emotions on the body (mind body connection). When received regularly acupuncture can help keep emotions and the energies affecting the emotions balanced. 

  • Prevent injuries. An acupuncturist certified in Sports medicine acupuncture can help address postural imbalances that may lead to tears and injuries over time. 

  • Acupuncture is also very helpful with inflammatory issues. It can help reduce swelling, arthritic pain and other issues leading to inflammation. 

  • Wellness. Acupuncture can help in so many ways to boost the immune system, benefit digestion, balance hormones, etc.

Why schedule monthly nutrition check-ins?
  • Monthly check-ins help to motivate, stay on track and tweak things that may not be working on an ongoing basis.

  • How you fuel your body has a direct impact on your overall health, a nutritionist can advise what foods or diets are best for each individual need throughout the year.

  • A nutritionist offers a fresh perspective to what is working and what is not with current eating habits.

  • As your fitness or training needs change, so does your nutrition, regular check-ins with a nutritionist can ensure you are able to reach your full potential.

  • Although Google can offer infinite information, a nutritionist can offer you the best information for your individual needs.

  • Because food is near and dear to us, and change is hard, monthly nutrition check-ins can help offer the emotional support to stay the course. 


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