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  • What is a superbill and how can I submit it to my insurance company for potential reimbursement?
    A superbill is a detailed receipt which includes your diagnosis and treatment codes necessary for your insurance company to process your claim. It also includes charges and payments. You cannot submit your receipt to your insurance company without diagnosis and treatment codes. Contact your insurance company directly for details on how to submit your superbill for potential reimbursement. Questions? Please contact our billing manager for any questions. Email or call/text 303-744-7100
  • How does not accepting health insurance improve my care at WPC?
    At Wash Park Chiro your treatment recommendations will be based on what you need and optimizing your recovery time. Alternatively, many insurance companies dictate which services will be covered and reimbursed. Our doctors will never choose your care based on what an insurance company allows or does not allow. Our doctors provide treatment recomendations - together with your preferences - and apply treatment based on optimizing your recovery time.
  • Do you offer wellness or prepay packages?
    Yes. As a small, community based business, we keep our rates competitive while maintaining a high quality of care. Our self pay rates are commensurate with similar practices in the region, additionally we offer prepayment packages for more savings. Our doctors are big proponents of maintaing care regularily and packages make it easier to do so. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our half-yearly package sales. If you ever have a financial need-based request, please reach out to our practice manager through our front desk at and we will be able to assist you.
  • Do you accept Medicare?
    Senior Rate Details (applies to patients over age 65) Our office is a non-participating provider with Medicare. As a non-participating provider, we collect payment at the time of service and may submit your claim to Medicare for possible reimbursement. At each visit you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire to assist our providers in making a determination of treatment recommendations. Patients are only eligible to be reimbursed for chiropractic treatment from Medicare if they meet three criteria: Actively treating for a new condition (acute) or an exacerbation of a current condition (chronic) Expect significant improvement or resolution in a short period of time Are only receiving chiropractic manipulation for a spine related injury Non-Covered Services Most of our services are considered non-covered by Medicare. If these treatments are performed you will be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) indicating that you accept financial responsibility for non-covered services. These include: Exams Re-Exams Maintenance/Wellness care Manual Therapy (Graston/ART/Muscle Work) Massage Acupuncture Spinal decompression Laser therapy Non-spine conditions (ie hip, shoulder, ankle, headache, TMJ, etc.) What is Maintenance/Wellness Care? Maintenance therapy includes services that seek to prevent disease, promote health and prolong and enhance the quality of life, or maintain or prevent deterioration of a chronic condition. When further clinical improvement cannot reasonably be expected from continuous ongoing care, and the chiropractic treatment becomes supportive rather than corrective in nature, Medicare considers the treatment as maintenance therapy. Treatment is not covered by Medicare. What is an acute condition? A patient's spinal condition is considered acute when the patient is being treated for a new injury (identified by x-ray or physical examination). The result of chiropractic manipulation is expected to be an improvement in, or arrest of progression of, the patient's condition. Treatment may be covered by Medicare What is a chronic condition? A patient's spinal condition is considered chronic when it is not expected to significantly improve or be resolved with further treatment (as is the case with an acute condition); however, the continued therapy can be expected to result in some functional improvement. Treatment may be covered by Medicare When is a Re-Exam Necessary? A re-exam is necessary every 30 days during an active treatment plan or if a patient has a new injury, an exacerbation of an existing injury or has not been seen in our office for 6 months or more. *All applicable charges apply. Our Treatment Process All of our chiropractic visits generally include spinal joint manipulation and manual therapy to areas of complaint. During each visit the provider will determine what care is to be rendered and you will be asked if you would like the recommended treatment. While it is possible to only provide adjustments during your visit, our doctors find that including manual therapy, myofascial release, Graston, taping, intersegmental traction and extremity care provide longer lasting results. Our Billing Process At Wash Park Chiro we collect payment at the time of service for all services rendered. We can submit your accurate and completed billing codes to Medicare for a final determination of reimbursement if appropriate based on the above guidelines. *We never guarantee benefits or coverage from Medicare as they make their own determination as to whether a claim is reimbursable. Lastly, if you have a Medicare replacement plan we will be unable to submit claims. WPC Senior Fee Schedule as of February 2022 based on Medicare allowable amounts in Colorado: Adjustment 1-2 areas PLUS Manual Therapy $55.00 (*Standard Charge) Adjustment 1-2 areas *adjustment only $30.00 Adjustment 3-4 areas *adjustment only $43.00 ReExam fee: $30.00 ReExam plus treatment: $85.00 (*Standard Charge) Questions? Please feel free to reach out to our billing manager with any questions regarding our senior rate or Medicare. email or call/text 303-744-7100
  • I was in a car accident, can I be treated at WPC?"
    Yes. We accept Medical Payments (MedPay) coverage if it is included in your insurance policy. We can assist you in verifying your MedPay coverage and complete all billing and collections related to a car accident. Please see our Auto Accident Page for all information about Auto Accident care and insurance. Questions? Please contact our billing manager for any questions. Email or call/text 303-744-7100
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