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Acupuncture is the insertion and stimulation of very thin needles at specific points on the body. These points follow channels or meridians that connect all the major organs and body’s structures. Together, the needles’ activation of these specific points influence and balance the body’s energetic Qi which flows throughout the meridians and has the ability to alter various biochemical, physiological, and emotional conditions.

Effects include:

  • increased circulation

  • decreased inflammation and pain

  • improved mood and relaxation

  • enhanced digestion

  • hormone regulation

  • invigorated immunity

Thus, the body’s improved energy flow and biochemical balance encourages the body’s natural healing abilities and promotes physical and emotional well-being.


  • Sprains/Strains

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • IT Band Syndrome

  • Shin Splints

  • Disc Herniation

  • Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation 

  • Postural Imbalances

  • and many more! 

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Sports Medicine Acupuncture® (SMA) is a system of care that incorporates principles and techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Sports Medicine to assess and treat the patient’s injury from a true integrated perspective. Its application encompasses all injuries from sports and trauma to repetitive injuries and postural imbalances related to day to day activities and postures in the office and on our computers, phones and tablets.  By incorporating western examinations like manual muscle testing, orthopedic examinations and  functional anatomy with the TCM channel and organ system differential diagnosis the SMA practitioner can ensure an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan for the patient and their injury


Acupuncture is very helpful to the expectant mother who may be experiencing imbalances like morning sickness, constipation, heartburn, back pain, carpal tunnel, etc.  But more importantly it is used to support both the mom and baby through each stage of growth and development to ensure the placenta and thus baby are getting proper blood flow and nutrients. In the later stages of pregnancy acupuncture can be used to help turn breech babies and prepare mom and baby for labor and delivery. Postpartum treatments are also very beneficial for replenishing mom. Growing a baby, giving birth and breastfeeding are very depleting to the body and acupuncture can help to replenish the energy and fluids of the body as well as help with any issues with milk production and flow.  


Moxabustion is a method of treatment applying heat and a Chinese herb known as Mugwort to acupuncture points or certain areas of the body to treat disease or for the maintenance of health. This treatment relieves pain, warms the body, and activates the acupuncture points to create energy and balance in the body. Common ailments alleviated by this treatment include arthritis, fatigue, and most gynecological disorders.


Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique used to prevent and relieve illness and to decrease pain. This technique stimulates the body to draw out pathogenic factors, improve circulation, promote digestion, and encourage the lymphatic system to filter out congested waste products. Common ailments benefited from this treatment include headaches, common colds, asthma, muscle pain/sports injuries, and stomachaches.


Acupuncture injection therapy blends the best of Chinese Medicine with conventional and homeopathic medicine. Our licensed acupuncture therapist injects natural therapeutic substances, such Traumeel, Arnica, or vitamins like B-12, into acupuncture points specific to your wellness needs. By stimulating powerful acupuncture points with proven natural substances, we can affect the body on a deeper level and create a healing climate. 


  • Traumeel: Indicated for the treatment of symptoms associated with inflammatory and degenerative processes due to acute trauma, repetitive or overuse injuries, and for minor aches and pains

  • Gelsemium: Improvement of painful nerve conditions, such as postherpetic neuraglia, trigeminal neuralgia, or sciatic nerve pain

  • Calmvera: Restlessness, sleep disorders, mild depressive state, mental exhaustion 

  • Lymphaden: Improvements of conditions such as swelling of lymph nodes and lymphatic edema


Cybil Kendrick, L. AC.M LMT C.SMA. is certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture(TM) from AcuSport Education, which has expanded her knowledge and training to be able to assess static & functional posture, use orthopedic and manual muscle tests to aid in diagnosis as well as combine western anatomy & physiology with Chinese medicine to provide an effective and complete treatment in the realm of pain, injury and rehabilitation. Her specialties are in orthopedic, sports massage and acupuncture, women's health, preventative health & stress related problems.

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