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TCM and Autumn

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

As the nights become more crisp and the kids head back to school, our lives tend to become less chaotic and our routines begin to solidify again – it is clear that Autumn is upon us. Many of us don’t want to let go of the energy and freedom that summer can offer while others are very happy to move forward into the fall. Weather or not we are aware of it each season has a certain energy and flow to it. Autumn, as viewed in Chinese medicine, is a time of reflection, a time reap the final harvests and turn our energies inward. If you pay attention to nature and its cycle it is time for the plants to stop expanding, flowering and fruiting. For trees to drop their leaves so they can preserve their essence through the winter. They do not hold on to what is not needed just in case they might need them next year, the know innately that they will grow what they need again next year. How many of us take the time to let go of the old, of what we do not need any more? Many of us hold on to things, emotions, people, etc. that do not fit us, serve us or support us any longer. And with so much excess, so much waste, clutter in our lives and bodies we struggle to know our true selves and to know what is truly important in our lives.

In Chinese medicine the element associated with autumn is metal (or air), the organs associated are the lung and large intestine and the emotion is grief. The lungs take in the pure, new and the large intestines eliminate waste. So it easy to see that if we are blocked with waste there is no room for new, pure, clean energy. If we physically hang on to things that do not serve us it causes clutter in our homes and blocks clean, clear energy to flow through as noted in Feng Shui. The same occurs physically, emotionally and energetically in our bodies. If we can let go of what is not serving us, we create space for receiving what we do need for clarity of who we really are and what is truly important to ourselves.

It is time to move into reflect, conserve and organize. Go through your closet, garage, basement, desk or any cluttered area in your home and discard what you don’t need and donate, sell or pass on what might be of value to others. Reflect on your emotions, any negativities with in you regarding others or yourself and attempt to resolve hurtful issues and then let them go. If you cannot resolve something directly with someone, or it is an issue with yourself, write it down then burn it to release the energy. Take time to breath deeply and slowly into your abdomen rather than your chest. Clean out your refrigerator of food that don’t nurture you and fill them with clean, whole foods. Starting a cleanse/detox before the weather turns cold and acupuncture can also help balance the energies and elements in you body.

Cybil Kendrick, L.Ac.,MSOM, C.SMA, RMT is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) with her masters in Oriental medicine (MSOM) and is certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture® (C.SMA) and massage therapy (RMT).


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