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Our practitioners evaluate and treat sports injuries, create plans for prevention and elevate the performance of our competitive patient athletes. Washington Park Chiropractic offers cutting edge, affordable and complete care options including chiropractic, dry needling, acupuncture, sports massage, Infrared Laser, Graston, ART, RockTape, NormaTec, custom nutrition plans and ALINE & Mojo Feet sports insoles. 

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Specializing in the Webster Technique, Dr. Goodman has created a prenatal care plan that can be tailored to each patient that will help you reduce pain and discomfort, optimize baby positioning and meet your labor and delivery goals. Our postpartum plan will support birth recovery, breastfeeding/bottle feeding ergonomics and sleep of both mom and baby. We recommend your first prenatal evaluation early in the second trimester and your first postpartum visit 2 weeks after delivery. Our prenatal and postpartum care plans include chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and nutrition consultation.



We work closely with Denver pediatricians to support our young patients without drugs or surgery. Caring for kids as young as 1 day old though high school, we have a recommended treatment timeline for all ages on our pediatrics page. All of our providers are experienced treating children and Dr. Goodman is additionally board certified in Pediatric Chiropractic. The most common reasons we care for children include breastfeeding difficulty, torticolis, avoiding antibiotics for ear infections, constipation, headaches, sports injuries, neck and back pain. Pediatric care plans generally range from 2-6 visits or less frequent ongoing wellness care.



Following a car accident, caring for your injuries by a well coordinated team of practitioners and a caring, organized office staff is important! Our team will approach your care with a combination of passive care including chiropractic, acupuncture, spinal decompression and massage as well as as active care including stretches, strengthening and rehab to return you to your pre-accident self. It is very important that treatment mirrors your body’s healing timeline so that inflammation doesn’t solidify and create a chronic pain pattern in the future.  We recommend an exam with one of our doctors within a week of your accident or as soon as symptoms surface. 



It is hard to overstate the value of routine, maintenance care for your body. Joint mobility, muscle and ligament tone, inflammation, immune system health and nerve function are all profoundly affected by regular attention from chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutritionists. That is why our team is stacked with the best in their fields. Any of our providers can recommend a regular, collaborative approach for you, depending on your history, goals and preferences. Our typical recommendation is to receive body work in some form at least monthly!

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