Welcome to Washington Park Chiropractic 

We are thankful that you have chosen our practice for your healthcare needs. If you have any questions or need more information please reach out via text or phone to 303-744-7100. Please see below for all of your New Patient Needs:

Location & Parking

Our front doors are located on the corner of Louisiana and Buchtel across from the Louisiana/Pearl light rail station. Our parking lot is one block south on Buchtel. When heading south on Buchtel Blvd, make a right on South Clarkson Street and immediately on your right you will see a parking lot for the Louisiana Staton Lofts. We have a row of parking spaces along the south fence. There is also plenty of parking on S. Clarkson Street, S. Washington Street and Louisiana Boulevard. If you have any questions on parking please call us at 303-744-7100.

Online Scheduling

You can now book your appointments online using the button below. Some appointments require texting or calling to schedule. Also if you prefer you can text or call us for an appointment.

New Patient Forms

Washington Park Chiropractic now EMAILS forms to our patients so they can be completed before you arrive to our office. This will save you time so please complete them prior to your appointment. Please check your EMAIL after scheduling to be sure you have received your New Patient Intake Form. New Patients should still arrive 15 minutes early to allow for finding our parking lot.


Kids and Dogs

We are a family practice and love seeing children in our office, you are welcome to bring your child to any chiropractic appointments. However, due to liability, we cannot accommodate childcare during any massage or acupuncture appointments. Please DO bring your friendly dogs to your chiropractic appointment, we love to see them! You may want to leave your pooch at home before an acupuncture or massage appointment.

Payment and No Show/Cancellation Policy

To better serve our patients and assure that they have a fair opportunity to have an appointment as promptly as possible, please observe our cancellation policy for chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture appointments. We require a minimum 24-hour (during business hours) notice to cancel or reschedule massage, acupuncture, and new patient chiropractic appointments. Please note, cancellation timeline is during business hours. Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled during business hours (ie. a voicemail left on Sunday for a Monday appointment cancelation will be subject to charge). Read our Full Payment and Cancellation Policy ​HERE.

How Insurance Works In Our Office:

At Washington Park Chiropractic, we prioritize patient care above all else. Our providers are experts in their fields and we advance our services and specialties based on the latest quality evidence. Health insurance companies’ rules and restrictions limit the type and duration of treatment policy holders can receive. In order to provide a level of care that treats the whole patient, not just an injury or symptom for a set time, we have chosen not to accept private health insurance. For us, your health is worth so much more. 


By not accepting health insurance, we keep our office costs low, passing on that savings to you. We always accept HSA and FSA payments, and offer additional ways to pay including discounted prepayment packages to assist you with maintaining regular care over time. Additionally, we can provide a superbill which you are welcome to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement at any time. Give us a call and let’s discuss your payment options today.


Insurance FAQ

Can I afford treatment without using my health insurance?

As a small, community based business, we keep our rates competitive while maintaining a high quality of care. Our self pay rates and prepayment package rates are commensurate with similar practices in the area. If you ever have a financial need-based request, please reach out to our practice manager through our front desk at and we will be able to assist you.


What’s the difference between a WPC treatment plan and one my health insurance may cover?

At WPC your treatment recommendations will be based on what you need and optimizing your recovery time. In some cases insurance companies dictate which services will be covered and reimbursed. Our doctors will never choose your care based on what an insurance company allows or does not allow. 


What is a superbill and how can I submit it to my insurance company for potential reimbursement?

A superbill is a detailed receipt which includes your diagnosis and treatment codes necessary for your insurance company to process your claim. It also includes charges and payments. You cannot submit your receipt to your insurance company without diagnosis and treatment codes. Contact your insurance company directly for details on how to submit your superbill for potential reimbursement. 


Do you accept Medicare?

Our office is a non-participating provider with Medicare. As a non-participating provider, we collect the allowable charge provided by Medicare and submit your claim for possible reimbursement. Patients are only eligible to be reimbursed for chiropractic treatment from Medicare if they meet three criteria:

  1. Actively treating for a new condition or an exacerbation of a current condition

  2. Expect significant improvement or resolution in approximately 30 days

  3. Are only treating for a spine related injury

Wellness care or treatment for a chronic condition is not covered by Medicare. Neither are massage, acupuncture, spinal decompression or laser therapy. Medicare also does not cover injuries that are non-spine (ie hip, shoulder, ankle, headache, TMJ, etc.). We never guarantee benefits or coverage from Medicare as they make their own determination as to whether a claim is reimbursable. Lastly, if you have a Medicare replacement plan we will be unable to submit claims.


I was in a car accident, can I still be treated at WPC?

Yes! We accept Medical Payments coverage if it is included in your insurance policy. We can assist you in verifying your MedPay coverage and complete all billing and collections related to a car accident. 


Why does WPC accept MedPay and Medicare, but not my insurance?

WPC is dedicated to adding value to our community. That means caring for its members when they're most in need. Additionally, health insurance verification and reimbursement rules vary for every patient and every insurance company. It has become exceedingly more difficult to maintain our high level of customer service while meeting the demands and burden of paperwork of health insurance providers.  

Car Accident Insurance:

Please see our Auto Accident Page for all information about Auto Accident care and insurance HERE.

Fee Schedule:

Our full time of service fee schedule is available to download HERE.

Please call for our standard rates billable to insurance.