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"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

Nutrition Therapy has a long history dating all the way back to the Greek Physician, Hippocrates who practiced in around 400 B.C! Washington Park Chiropractic continues Hippocrates' main principles of identifying and addressing any potential nutritional or food-based causes of an individual's health concerns. This includes evaluating goals, discussing current habits, potentially including tests and creating a plan to include nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation to attain optimal health. Whole Nutrition Therapy is dedicated to helping each client attain their best possible outcome through education, guidance and emotional support. We treat the “whole” person, not parts or even individual symptoms. With holistic nutrition, we aim to find the source or sources of the problem which then heals the whole body. From nutritional counseling, customized plans and programs to fitness, cooking tips and recipes to mediation and mindfulness, we treat all of you so that you can become the best you!

Nutrition Services and Packages

*All nutrition appointments are done virtually and any cleanses or tests can be shipped or picked up at Washington Park Chiropractic*

  • 60 Minute Consultation - Broken into  2 virtual sessions, Carolyn first connects with each client to find out what their needs are, medical history, goals, etc. After gathering pertinent information following a 7 day health audit, the second session is where Carolyn will share analysis, diagnosis and recommendations for dietary changes, additions, supplement protocol and/or further testing - $275

  • 15 Minute Follow Up Appointment - $75

  • 6-Visit Nutrition Package 6x 15 minute follow-up visits for $450

  • Specialty Seasonal Group Programs will be available year-round. Please check with the front desk about sign up dates as programs have limited spots and fill up quickly to allow for the best possible experience for attendees.


Seasonal Group programs include:

  • New Year Reset Program - 4 week detox, reset and foundation for a healthy new year

  • Spring Cleanse Program - 4 week detox, reset and foundation to slough off winter

  • Beach Bod Summer Program - 4 week health and fitness program to get you ready for summer

  • Fall reset - Break bad summer habits and turn over a new leaf to build good habits before the dreaded holiday season

Group programs include:

  • Sleep Hacking Program

  • How to stock a healthy kitchen

  • Kitchen basics 101

  • Mindfulness and meditation 101

  • Destress and detox your mind and body

  • Healthy Travel Program

  • Because I love you partner or buddy health and wellness accountability program


Have questions about your diet, when to eat, or what to eat based on your lifestyle? Or maybe you have experienced digestive upset, inflammation, or have concerns about nutrient deficiencies? From weight loss, detox and a wide range of health concerns, a general nutrition consultation can help you take that next step into figuring out what works best for you and get you on the path to wellness.



At Washington Park Chiropractic we offer a wide variety of nutritional and health tests through Genova and US Biotek Labs in order to find the source and root causes of any health issues or concerns. We provide a wide array of comprehensive testing, from gut health and hormones to food sensitivity, auto immune, environmental toxicity and beyond. Depending on what test is recommended, patients will take home a convenient kit that includes a finger prick and blood sample card that you mail directly to the lab or you can do a blood draw conveniently at any Quest Lab with results being mailed to us for review and analysis. With any of the tests, you will then meet with our nutritionist to go over your results and create a plan moving forward.



A woman’s reproductive system is a delicate and complex system in the body. Taking care of yourself and making healthy choices can help protect you and your loved ones. Protecting your health and nourishing your body as a woman is a high priority and well nurtured here via nutritional and wellness consults and programs. Our goal is to improve women"s health from menarche through menopause.

These stages are the ideal time to evaluate your diet to ensure

you are meeting the nutritional requirements to help you feel your best.




From diagnosis, to living with symptoms, autoimmune disorders can be challenging and overwhelming. Our nutritionist is an Autoimmune Protocol Certified Practitioner and can help to guide you back to health through nutrition. With a scientific, yet compassionate approach, our

nutritionist will share knowledge and tools to get you back to feeling great even when living with autoimmunity.



You work so hard to reach your athletic goals, but you can't expect to be the best athlete when your nutrition doesn't reflect those efforts. Whether you are training for a marathon, starting to workout, or are an intense crossfit athlete; nutrition plays a big role. When engagement and enjoyment decrease, so do one's passion and loyalty to the program. Our nutritionist will work with athletes to come up with a plan that they will be able to stick to and find rewarding.



A healthy diet is key for growing minds and bodies! Pediatric nutrition can range from when/how to start solid foods, picky eaters to specific health concerns of all kinds. A nutrition evaluation can answer your questions about your child's nutrient needs, whole health and wellness, to help guide you in the right direction.

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Carolyn Scott, aka The Healthy Voyager, is the creator and host of The Healthy Voyager web series, site, and overall brand. An award winning healthy, special diet and green living and travel expert, holistic nutritionist, plant based vegan chef, best-selling cookbook author, media spokesperson, sought after speaker, consultant and television personality, Varolyn Scot is a respected figure in the world of healthy lifestyle and travel as well as special diet cooking and nutrition. The Healthy Voyager aims to help people live well, one veggie at a time!

Carolyn graduated from the University of Miami in 1998 with a double Bachelor of Science degree in Communications as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and received her Masters in Holistic Nutrition in 2001 from Clayton College of Natural Health.

When she isn't globe trotting, Carolyn enjoys hiking, dancing, cooking, adventuring, going to concerts, trying cool new, gardening and hanging out with friends and family restaurants. She is based in Los Angeles but considers herself a citizen of the world.

Get to know Carolyn better by clicking HERE.

Carolyn's virtual office hours are on Monday-Friday from 11am-6pm, by appointment.

Contact or call 303-744-7100 to schedule your appointment.

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