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The ‘Long and Short’ of Massage Sessions

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

By: Tyler Laducer, Licensed Massage Therapist

Many people ask what duration of massage would be the best. It all depends on exactly what your body needs or wants. There are quite a few options when it comes to duration of massage, but in this piece we will talk about thirty minute, sixty minute, and ninety minute massages. Within these durations specific needs such as focus work or even full body massages can be done and it can also change up the type of massage work used from swedish to deep tissue to myofascial work.

30 Minute Massage

Thirty minute massages which are the shortest duration you can get (unless you are receiving a chair massage) can feel quick and may leave you wanting more, but short massages are often the most necessary. Usually, thirty minute massages are used for specific injuries and focused work on the body. This can be anything from shoulders, ankles, neck, hips, and low back. This short time frame can also be great for people with busy lives that just need a small bit of “me” time to get away from life and stress. The most common modalities used in thirty minutes is trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and myofascial work. Although thirty minutes sounds short, it is definitely a massage that can pack a punch and give you the most value. Think: TMJ, Plantar Fasciitis, Rotator Cuff Massage

60 Minute Massage

Sixty minute massages is the most common service provided by most chiropractic offices, spas, and wellness centers around the world whether you are getting a sports massage or may be just out on a relaxing vacation. Most people tend to receive full body, deep tissue and swedish massages during a sixty minute session. This is a great way to help relax for an entire hour and help work out stubborn tight muscles. Another benefit to an hour is that much like a thirty minute, focus work can be done in addition to relaxation, in fact with the extended duration multiple areas can be worked on with many different modalities. Nearly every modality can be done in an hour and can even include specialties such as reflexology and prenatal massage. Think: IT Band, Shoulders, Prenatal, Post-Ski Legs

90 Minute Massage

Finally, we have the ninety minute massage which is sometimes hard to squeeze into a tight schedule, but can be very worth your while. Ninety minute massage can be a wonderful way to receive both focus work and a full body massage all at once. This allows more focus into overall health of both stress relief and allowing tight muscles to relax. With the extended duration you can receive every type of modality and can even get a combo including some of the specialty massages. Think: Full Body, Relaxation, Self-Care

These three durations are just the most common for massage in modern day. Thirty minutes are quick and great for focus work. An hour allows for a full body and specialty massages. Ninety minute is the best for overall health and wellness. If you are curious ask your massage therapist for other durations that can be received and know that there may even be longer more relaxing durations available!

Tyler Laducer L.M.T., C.R. is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) and certified reflexologist (CR). He practices at Washington Park Chiropractic as the lead massage therapist and specializes in Sports massage, Medical massage, and Reflexology.


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