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Sponsoring the Kingsbury Open is a Hole in One!

The 7th Annual Kingsbury Open for Pancreatic Cancer Research is just around the corner! Join us on Thursday, September 2nd for a day of fun and fundraising with all of your friends here at Washington Park Chiropractic - or sign up for a foursome and bring some friends of your own!

Our Cause

The mission of the Kingsbury Open is to pay tribute to those we have lost to Pancreatic Cancer, and to give hope to individuals and families who are battling this horrific disease. It is about celebrating the game we love, making memories and birdies golfing with our friends, colleagues and loved ones.  

The Kingsbury Open is a partner with Wings of Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Research, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding for pancreatic cancer research in the effort to find more effective treatments and improve outcomes. We think there is no better way to raise money than by spending the afternoon with friends at a beautiful Colorado Golf Course. 100% of our proceeds go directly to Wings of Hope.

The event is dedicated in loving memory to Washington Park Chiropractic founder Dr. Lisa Goodman's dad, Thomas P. Kingsbury. He was a scratch golfer, and someone who found serious joy in playing with found balls. Tom believed a golfer was not defined by his or her equipment or the course he or she played, but by their passion for the game and a desire to continue to improve. A real stickler for the rules, he was a purist. Tom had a natural swing, never tried too hard, but still hit the ball a mile. He was a genuine teacher of the game, and Lisa learned every bit of her game from him. Tom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in February of 2007. Throughout treatment he stayed on the course. As fatigue set in, he surrendered to riding in a cart when he would normally walk. In August of 2007, he played his last round of golf, which was only 9 holes. He passed away two weeks later. We hope you will join us to honor his memory and to lend a hand to this important cause.

How You Can Help

Sign up to be a sponsor of the Kingsbury Open! This is a great opportunity to advertise your company and reinforce your reputation as a premier and philanthropic small business or corporation with your customers, employees, and the greater Denver community. Becoming a sponsor allows you to leverage local exposure and benefit from the positive outcomes of supporting your community through the Kingsbury Open and Wings of Hope. Be a part of the relationship Washington Park Chiropractic has with the Denver area and reach all of their clients and patients with your targeted messaging. Have fun participating on tournament day, fill your heart, and create lasting memories on the course. Best of all, your sponsorship may be tax deductible!

Your support matters. Sponsoring the Kingsbury Open at any level allows us to fund research for Pancreatic Cancer, purchase equipment, and support families fighting Pancreatic Cancer. Your sponsorship could be the difference in preventing or curing Pancreatic Cancer.

With 4 tiers of sponsorship, you can choose the one that is right for you and your company! See for further details on sponsorship options. The deadline to sign up for sponsorship is Thursday, July 15. Email with any questions you may have.


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