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When was the last time you treated yourself?

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

by Dr. Lisa Goodman, DC, CCSP, CACCP

This Valentine’s Day turn your attention on yourself and your loved ones. Taking care of each other and taking care of ourselves should be at the top of your list. We’re not talking about the obvious stuff like a regular dental appointment or an annual check up. Think a little deeper about how well you take care of yourself and your family. This almost always involves time. Time away, time to rest, time to spend with each other. This month, make time a priority. Oh, and save a little cash for some tiny splurges to pamper yourselves.

This is a great time of year to evaluate your self-care routine. This is a general guide, but see how many of these things you can make happen this year, preferably on a regular basis!

  • When is the last time you had an alone date? Take yourself to lunch, go shopping, watch La La Land or read a book at happy hour.

  • Do you take time every day to exercise? If so, do you include cardio, weights, pilates, yoga? Strive for more variety.

  • Do you always or seldom have a good book to read? Keep an easy read going at all times.

  • Do you take care of your body regularly? Aim for a monthly massage and chiropractic adjustment.

  • Do you take time away from your phone? Turn it off and soak. A lavender scented epsom salt bath will reduce muscle tension and overall stress.

  • When do you do your best thinking? Cook a new meal with some new or favorite music playing too loud in the kitchen.

  • Do you spend time with Mother Nature? The foothills and mountains are our backyard, take a few hours to explore and breathe in the mountain air.

  • Do you take time to rest, nap, or meditate? Take 30 minutes each day to rest, reset (and turn off your device)!

  • How do you fuel your body? Cut out sugary drinks and opt for water or tea.

  • Are you sleeping enough at night? Add 10 minutes to your routine and go to bed a bit earlier than normal. P.S. Try an eye mask or cloth over your eyes to ground yourself and block out ambient light for more restful sleep.

  • Do you love yourself? Keep a gratitude journal in a cute book that inspires you to appreciate the amazing things in your life.

Once you have yourself taken care of, look around at the people most important to you. Do you take time to spend with them? Do you prioritize your relationships with a spouse, kids, or your own parents? Choose a few ways to take care of each other!

  • Ever have a daytime date with your honey? Take a personal day and spend it with your significant other. Go ice skating, ski, head over to Top Golf or just walk around Wash Park.

  • Learn something great. Learn a new skill together, maybe a cooking class, painting, pilates or tennis.

  • Do they know how much you appreciate them? Send a text or take minute when you get home to thank your partner for finishing the laundry, cooking dinner, shoveling the walk or for just being an amazing human.

  • Clean up! Show your love by getting your partner’s car washed.

  • Get organized. Help your kids or parents declutter their cabinets, closets or cars. Purge and donate while you spend quality time together.

  • Build or do a project. Whether it is legos or woodworking, take on a project together from start to finish.

  • Get competitive. When it the last time you played a board game with your loved ones? Embark on an afternoon game of Jenga, Life or Labyrinth or start a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Puppy Love. Spend time with your four-legged best friends off leash or give them some well deserved long cuddles.

Pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day in Wash Park

Washington Park Chiropractic is the only practice in Denver, Colorado specializing in Sports Chiropractic, Prenatal Chiropractic and Pediatric Chiropractic. Our Wash Park Doctors are expert certified and trained in Sports, Pediatrics and Prenatal Care including massage, acupuncture, Webster Technique, Graston Technique, Laser, K-Laser, Kinesiology Tape, RockTape and Normatec.

Lisa Goodman, DC, CCSP, CACCP is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) and Certified Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor (CACCP). She is a CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer. Dr. Goodman founded Washington Park Chiropractic in 2006 in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Goodman incorporates sports chiropractic techniques with prenatal and pediatric patients, she teaches mobility and taping classes locally, and is a contributor to POPSUGAR, Urban Life Wash Park and DC Aligned. She is a committee member on the boards of the ACA Pediatrics Council and the ACA Sports Council. Areas of special interest include prenatal care, ankle and wrist injuries, instrument assisted soft tissue techniques, strength training, and pediatric fitness. Stay connected with Dr. Goodman on Instagram @washparkchiro or @lisakgoodman


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