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Pilates on Crack: My First Fierce 45 Workout

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

by: Jackie Buzek

In early December I attended my first Fierce 45 class with the owner, Torrey. I’m always looking for a workout that I actually enjoy, so I was thrilled when I saw that Fierce 45 was opening a studio in West Wash Park. My first class was different than anything that I have ever experienced in regard to exercise. I was so sore, particularly in my oblique muscles, but it took me about a month to go back and get hooked. My lack of initial commitment had nothing to do with the workout itself. I was finishing up intense data collection for my PhD, the holidays were coming, and I was generally just being lazy. Fast-forward about a month, and Dr. Jace booked us a trip to Hawaii in May to celebrate my birthday. Due to my aforementioned laziness and the few extra pounds I had put on in this last stressful year of my program, I needed a workout that I liked and that I could do multiple times per week without getting bored. I went back to a second Fierce 45 class with a renewed mindset, and then I was hooked. Fierce 45 offers classes on MegaFormer machines that follow the Lagree Fitness Method. If you do your research on this method, you’ll understand the “pilates on crack” reference. Basically, Sebastian Lagree developed this method of full body conditioning to allow people to use maximum exertion in their workouts without becoming injured. There’s a bunch of reasoning behind the method that I won’t bore you with – you can check all that stuff out here. Whatever the reasoning, the results are real. I’ve only been going for about 4 weeks so far, and I already feel and look different.

But, let’s not jump ahead to results quite yet. Let’s save those results-focused data for another, future blog because I am just getting started in regard to where I’d like to be by the time we go to Hawaii. And, I’m not even close to where I’d like to be by the time I’m in one of my best friend’s beach weddings at the end of the summer. For now in this initial blog, let’s talk about the basics of Fierce45 because, in my opinion, a fear of the MegaFormers alone might deter some from trying it out (and it shouldn’t ... because if I can do it, anyone can). Here are my top four things to know before your first Fierce45 class (4 is a weird number, I know, but let’s just go with it):

  • Don’t worry about not knowing what to do on the MegaFormer. Before the first class, every new student gets a run down on the machine and on the design of the studio (there’s no right or left there’s street and badass walls and front and back).

  • You need sticky socks. Everyone, no matter who you are, is required to wear sticky socks while working out at Fierce45. Good news is that they have a lot of cute, affordable sticky sock options in the studio that you can purchase while you’re there.

  • It only gets harder. I thought my first class was hard, like really hard (and, Jace thought it was really hard too the first time he came to a class), but it’s only gotten more difficult since then. Sure, I’m learning the names of particular positions and able to get into those positions more quickly now than before, but because I’m regularly going to classes, I’m able to concentrate more on my form. I can now get lower in my positions, use more resistance, and go slower and shake more (the shake is good, embrace the shake). And with that shake, everything about the workout is new once again.

  • Everyone thinks it’s really hard and everyone was or is confused at some point. Lagree Fitness is a new way of thinking about working out – even if you’re pretty familiar with Pilates (at least this is what my class friends who have done Pilates tell me because I was a complete newbie). So, just have fun. All of the instructors and people who go to the classes are super friendly and helpful and want to help you out. Every instructor ends class by telling you that they are available to you for questions, concerns, assistance, or anything else you might need. One time I didn’t realize that I was going to do the second set of legs (something I’ll explain in another blog and something I’m sure that I shouldn’t be calling “second set” but oh well) on the leg that had just experienced some major burn. A friendly girl beside me spotted my error, let me know that she has made the same mistake, and gave me a heads up before I had time to regret anything.

Moral of number 4 ... just have fun, ask a lot of questions, and don’t feel weird if you find yourself looking around or watching other people during your first few workouts – it’s normal, and no one worries about. I’ve been trying to go to Fierce45 two or three times per week. There’s so much to talk about, so I’ll be sure to write another blog with some more useful tips and information. Until then, maybe I’ll see you on the MegaFormer soon.

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