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Orange Theory Fitness Challenge: Week 4

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

By Jessica Wilson, LMT

Over the past week I haven't been able to go to Orange Theory Washington Park as much as I would like. My mom came in from Alabama to help with some wedding planning, so my schedule was thrown off a little. To compensate for the lack of exercise, I have been really diligent about keeping my diet tuned in. Since I started working out at Orange Theory, I have found that maintaining a diet of primarily protein, veggies and fruit has been really beneficial. I have eliminated refined sugars, dairy, and am eating very few carbs, other than the carbs I get from veggies. More importantly than anything else, I have been really concientious of my portions and have been eating smaller amounts more frequently throughout the day; I really feel like I have built up my metabolism by doing this. So much so, I have been able to maintain the weight loss, and have even lost a few more pounds. My whole relationship with food has changed, especially since doing the spring cleanse that our office does every year, which coincided with starting at Orange Theory. I am finally starting to understand my body and what works for me and what doesn't. Even though I have missed being able to workout as often (and am definitely ready to get back at it), my body has enjoyed this little break.

I was experiencing a little pain in my hips from running and was building some callouses on my hands from all the rowing. I feel very fortunate to work at a place in Denver that helps keep my body in good health. Since starting at Orange Theory, I have been using the NormaTec compression boots to help with recovery, since the majority of soreness is in my legs after a workout. For my callouses, I have been using Rock Rub by Rock Tape to help minimize my callouses and keep my hands soft, which is important since I use my hands for massage therapy. I have lost a total of 12 pounds so far and have two months until I go in for my second measurements for my wedding dress. Now that my mom is back in Alabama and the wedding planning is at a good place, I am excited to focus on myself again and get back to doing four times a week. These next two months before my fitting are going to be pretty intensive, so I am going to suck it up and take a before picture now and show you the results right before my fitting, as well as what my measurements were the first time and what they will be in June. In honor of before and after pictures, here is just a little sampling of the progress I have made so far. Since I started working out at Orange Theory, I have found that maintaining a diet of primarily protein, veggies and fruit has been really beneficial.

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