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Reasons to Make New Year's Resolutions for 2018

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

by: Dr. Chad London, DC

2018! We welcome you with open arms, as we all know that a new year brings excitement, change and unlimited possibilities. New Year’s resolutions are commitments made to better yourself and your circumstances. In many cases, we fall short in this department and resort to “next year will be the year that I make it happen”. In order to get the ball rolling, we need to have steps in place and reasons why we need to make these changes. Below are reason why it would be a good idea to set New Year’s resolutions (even if it is a few weeks into the year!)

Beginning 2018 with a blank page: Whatever happened in 2017 is in the past and now it is time to look ahead into 2018. Now is the time to put any setbacks, bad decisions or negative outcomes aside. Look to 2018 with optimism and potential. All those things that you said you would do, now is your chance to put your foot forward and do them. Getting healthy, losing those pounds that you said you were going to lose in 2017. This is the chance to start your new journey.

Goal Setting: Setting goals that are achievable and attainable will be a positive start to your new year. Set goals and make new year resolutions, so you can become the person you have always dreamt about becoming. Think of setting goals as a 10 step system. You cannot jump straight to 10 right away. You have to start with step 1 and work your way to step 10. Starting off with smaller goals to achieve can help in achieving your ultimate goal.

Creating the best version of yourself: Creating a better you should be something you strive for each and every year. Challenges and resistance creates growth. The harder you work and and the more you challenge yourself the more growth will take place. Why not become the person you want to be? This year, making sure that you give yourself the chance to succeed. Makeup for all the times that you quit and all the years that you gave up on your New Year’s resolutions. Change is scary. But this is the year to put aside procrastination and get after the change that is needed.

Inspire those around you: People respond to positivity, so “be the change you want to see in the world”. Being a better person will rub off on others and potentially they will want to become better people themselves. Making New Year’s resolutions is a plan. Having a plan gives you hope that change will happen and that your life will get better.

Chad London DC, CCSP is a certified sports chiropractic physician (CCSP) and prenatal chiropractor. He is a current member of the Glendale raptors professional rugby team. His love for sport and chiropractic pushed him towards a lifestyle of health and well being. Treatment of sports injuries and overall functionality of the athlete has always been a passion of his. Stay tuned in @washparkchiro and @chaddie_13_london


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