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Wash Park Chiro's Breastfeeding Study Results

In 2019, Dr. Goodman and Wash Park Chiro participated in collecting data for a much larger study on chiropractic treatment for infants with trouble breastfeeding. The study has now been published. Thank you so much to all of the mom's who participated in the study!! The goal of the study was to measure outcome measures to be used with larger populations in the future. The results were very good and anecdotally, the results point to a strong correlation between chiropractic treatment (in just one visit) for partially or completely resolving nursing difficulty.

This study is the beginning of great things to come for infant & pediatric chiropractic because of the hard work and dedication of Dr. Jessie Young, Dr. Cheryl Hawk, Dr. Sharon Vallone and Dr. Valerie Lavigne as well as the docs in the 10 participating practices in this study.


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