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Top 10 Ailments We Use The K-Laser to Treat

Updated: May 1, 2019

By: Dr. Chad London, DC, CCSP

Ever heard of a friend or family member say that they received Laser therapy or Laser treatment at their chiropractic appointment? Do you ever wonder exactly what laser treatment is and how it could benefit you with your current issues? Below I am going to explain the benefits of the Laser treatment and the top 10 Ailments that we use to treat with the K-Laser.

What Exactly is the K-Laser? The K- Laser is Laser therapy, that incorporates infrared light to treat acute and chronic issues that you may be experiencing. How does it work? Application of the infrared light at a specific set time to a specific area, penetrates deep into the injured tissue creating increased cellular activity. The increase in cellular activity brings with it increased healing time. How does it speed up the healing process? With multiple laser sessions, typically 2 visits weekly for 3-4 weeks, laser therapy applied to a specific injury is able to increase the blood flow to that area, bringing with it increased oxygen and nutrients for healing. With the influx of oxygen and nutrients we are able to decrease inflammation and therefore decrease pain in that injury. The sooner the laser application can occur after the initial injury, the quicker the response for increased healing time.

Laser therapy application can be used for many acute and chronic issues. Below are the 10 most common issues we use to treat with the K-Laser in our practice.

1) TMJ disorders 2) Disc Degeneration 3) Acute and Chronic muscle/ligament injuries 4) Rotator Cuff strains and tears 5) Bursitis 6) Epicondylitis ( Elbow pain) 7) Sciatic pain 8) Carpel tunnel pain 9) Planter fascitis 10) Arthritic joint pain

The K-Laser can also help with an array of uncommon issues: Traumatic injuries that create swelling and bruising can be treated by laser therapy. The treatment will help create movement of pooling blood and fluid created by the trauma. This will help reduce inflammation and improve mobility.

Moms who have had babies via C-section, can have their scars treated to heal the tissue surrounding the scar and reduce the extent of the scar.

Adults who have suffer from shingles, can have laser therapy applied to the nerve distribution to speed up healing and reduce nerve pain.

Please ask our providers at your next visit if you are a strong candidate for Laser therapy treatment.

Chad London DC, CCSP is a certified sports chiropractic physician (CCSP) and prenatal chiropractor. He is a current member of the Glendale raptors professional rugby team. His love for sport and chiropractic pushed him towards a lifestyle of health and well being. Treatment of sports injuries and overall functionality of the athlete has always been a passion of his. Stay tuned in @washparkchiro and @chaddie_13_london


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