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First Annual Holiday Handhold Nutrition Program

As crazy as it seems, the holidays are coming up quick! The holidays are full of joy, fun, and lots of food, drinks and treats. It can be easy to overindulge on a near daily basis. This year we are introducing a new program by our new holistic nutritionist, Carolyn Scott! The Holiday Hand Hold Program will run for four weeks and just like it sounds, it will provide support and guidance to help you navigate temptation while thoroughly enjoying the upcoming festivities of the holiday season! Knowledge is power - you will complete this program with the mindfulness and education you need to make healthy choices post holiday too!

Week 1 - Introduction, Setting goals, and healthy tips for parties and gatherings

We will introduce the program and discuss the importance of setting goals for the holiday season. We will explore different strategies to help you stay on track with your health and wellness. Additionally, we will provide valuable tips on how to navigate holiday parties and gatherings with healthy choices.

Week 2 - Healthy eating strategies, recipe swaps, and mindful eating techniques

This week we will focus on healthy eating strategies. We will provide healthy recipe swaps for your favorite holiday dishes, ensuring you can enjoy delicious meals guilt-free. Furthermore, we will delve into mindful eating techniques to avoid overindulging during the holidays.

Week 3 - Exercise and fitness routines, tips for staying active

This week we will dive into various exercises and fitness routines that you can easily incorporate into your holiday schedule. We understand the busyness of the season,, so we will share practical tips for staying active even during the most hectic times. Join us as we explore the benefits of regular physical activity during the holiday season.

Week 4 - Stress management, meditation, and self care

As the holiday season can often bring stress, our final week is dedicated to stress management and self-care. We will explore different stress management techniques and provide tools to help you stay calm and centered during this busy time. Additionally, we will introduce various meditation practices to further enhance your well-being during the holidays and into the new year.

The Details

  • The Holiday Hand Hold Program is a steal at just $100 for the first 25 people who sign up!

  • The program will take place on four consecutive Monday evenings, November 13th - December 4th

  • Each session will be conducted via Zoom, allowing for live interaction and engagement while also being flexible around travel plans

  • Unlimited access and support from Carolyn and Dr. Goodman through the online community, Goodself App that continues beyond the program

Now is the perfect time to join us for the Holiday Hand Hold Program and ensure a healthier and more enjoyable holiday season. Let us guide you and keep you on track with your health and wellness goals, so you can fully embrace the holiday spirit without sacrificing your well-being. Don’t let the holidays derail your health and wellness goals - let us help you stay on track! Register HERE.


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