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Orange Theory Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

by Jessica Wilson, LMT

I am in my second week of working out at Orange Theory and I think I finally have the hang of it! I really enjoy the fact that even though it is technically a group class, you are in your own zone and can do things at your own pace. For instance, on the treadmills, there are charts that categorize you into one of three levels: speed walker, jogger, or runner, and it is up to you to decide which level to start at. Within each of those categories, there are three levels (base, push, and all out), and during the treadmill interval, you hit all of those levels at various times, and can dial it back or push harder at any point.

At first the workouts can be a little intimidating. There are three stations where you can start the workout: treadmill, weights, or rowers, and in the really busy classes, each station is full. The workouts are different everyday, and since the classes are fast-paced, it can be challenging to remember the order, reps, etc. Luckily the details of the workout are written on mirrors located around the gym, and the trainers do a good job of walking around and reminding each station what they need to be working on and where they need to be.

Like I mentioned in the last blog, there are screens located around the gym that display your stats (calories burned, heart rate, etc.). One thing I have found myself doing is focusing on the screens and not on the workout itself. I enjoy being able to see my stats, but when I look at the screen too much, it distracts me from pushing myself as hard as I can. My brain is my biggest adversary when it comes to working out, so if I am preoccupied with the numbers and comparing them to other people, self-doubt starts to creep in and pull my attention off of what I am trying to accomplish. In the past couple of classes, though, I have made it a point to not look at the screen as much and have found that I have gotten my heart rate up higher and burned more calories, as well as focused on my form more.

Since I don't have much of a background in lifting weights, I have to be a little more conscious of my form and making sure I am doing the exercises properly. It helps that if the trainer sees that you are doing something incorrectly, or sees that something is difficult for you (i.e. bad knees), they will help adjust your form or offer alternative ways of doing something.

I am definitely starting to see some changes in my body. At this point, I have lost 5lbs, and am feeling stronger. With every workout, I am running longer, rowing harder and lifting more weight. I am really happy with my progress and am excited to increase the number of workouts every week. Colette, the gym manager, recommended that, based on my goal to lose weight before my October wedding, that I come in four times a week. Thus far, I have only been doing two days a week, so next week will be my first time going four times, so tune in to see if I survive!!

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