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The Pearl Street Fitness Experience

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

by Dr. Jace Buzek, DC, CCSP, CACCP

You might have noticed an influx of workout related posts and/or blogs lately on our social media platforms. In order to keep a well-rounded approach to informing our patients and followers about a number of our favorite ways to stay in shape in Denver, today I’m writing to you about Pearl Street Fitness (PSF). I have been working out at PSF (some months more regularly than others, I’ll admit) since I moved to Denver three and one-half years ago. The first review I ever did for PSF was about how they got me in the best shape of my post- hockey life for my wedding, and they’ve been kicking my butt there ever since.

What’s Pearl Street Fitness All About? PSF has a boutique fitness vibe, small class sizes, and different workouts that always include both cardio and weights each time you’re there. As a chiropractor and as someone who can be a stickler about proper form and technique, I like that the small class sizes at PSF allow for a lot of one-on-one support from the trainers. All throughout class everyone receives tips and pointers for improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and the safety of their workouts. I’m always sore ... or, as they like to say, doing the “Pearl Street Shuffle” ... a few days after a class, and I’m always starving the entire day following a session because their workouts are structured to accelerate the metabolism.

What’s a Typical Workout at Pearl Street Fitness? Like I already said, you’re not going to do the same workout twice at PSF; however, there are typically (but not always) some standard things that you can expect when you’re there. So, if I had to summarize what I think people can expect from a PSF workout, I would include the following things:

  • An active, hard, and fast paced warm-up.

  • A lot of times the warm-up feels like the most difficult part of the workout. There’s no slacking going on while warming up. The warm-ups are dynamic, designed to get the body temperature up, and they get the body parts activated that you’ll be using during the workout that day.

  • Timed Sets vs. Counting. A lot of my patients who go to PSF love the fact that everything is timed there instead of requiring that we keep track of how many of a particular exercise we’re doing. Many days, a PSF workout will consist of multiple timed sets of diverse weight-based and cardio exercises using a range of equipment.

  • Loud music, friendly and encouraging people, and firm trainers.

If you’re like me, you need this combination of factors to push yourself through a difficult workout. I love the way that everyone encourages each other during classes, and I love (and kind of hate sometimes) the way that the trainers aren’t going to let you slack. I’ve had a few days when Scott or Cory have handed me heavier weights or altered the exercise for me if it looked like I was doing a particular exercise a little bit easier than I should have been. It’s reassuring, though, that the trainers know me enough to know what I’m capable of, and they never slack themselves in regard to ensuring that I’m meeting my potential every single workout.

Something You Might Not Know About PSF. A really admirable thing about PSF is the way that the owners, Scott and Laura St John, stay so up-to-date on unique, innovative ways to reach a broader audience. One way that they have been doing this recently is through their Periscopeworkouts. They travel all around Colorado and even to different parts of the U.S. to do free live workouts for people who follow @PearlStreetFitness on the Periscope App. Most of these live workouts are bodyweight only, so they can be done anywhere. Plus, the workouts can be accessed for 24 hours after they are recorded, so really we have no excuse not to get a workout in.

If you want to check out PSF, you can do so here:

Or, you can check them out on Facebook or even on Periscope. You get your first week free, and if you’re looking to try something different, you should give PSF a try. We workout at the Wash Park PSF location every Friday afternoon at 1:00 pm, so if you’d like to give it a try with us, we’ll see you there!

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