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  • NormaTec Pulse Recovery Boots

    The NormaTec Pulse Massage Boots start in the foot and moves upwards zone-by-zone massaging the limb and mobilizing fluid out of the legs. Benefits include: recover faster between workouts, improves circulation, reduces swelling, relieves delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs). Integral in the training of Endurance Athletes, Crossfit, Cycling, Running, Swimming, Weight Lifiting, HIIT, Soccer, Hockey. Read More

  • Mobility Videos

    We regularly post unique and effective mobility videos on our instagram account. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled them on one page! Check out all of the different ways you can gain more mobility and make your adjustments last longer. Read More

  • Kingsbury Open 2016

    Monday June 6, 2016  2:00 PM. The Kingsbury Golf Open is a Fundraiser to Benefit Pancreatic Cancer Research hosted by Washington Park Chiropractic. The mission of the Kingsbury Open is to pay tribute to those we have lost to Pancreatic Cancer, and to give hope to individuals and families that are battling this horrific disease. Read More

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