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Marcy grew up near Cleveland, Ohio. She has been into sports from a young age, and some of her earliest memories are cheering on the Tribe at games with her parents and older sister, Katie. She was involved in basketball, volleyball, softball, and soccer in middle school, lacrosse in high school, and crew as an NCAA Division I athlete at the University of Dayton. It was in high school and college that Marcy had her first experiences with sports injuries, and she has spent her fair share of time in the trainer’s office recovering after practice and competitions. Marcy’s passion for physical activity is part of what led her to move to Colorado after graduating in 2014. She enjoys escaping to the mountains to hike and snowboard. Practicing yoga was her preferred form of exercise until she was introduced to Crossfit by her sister. Her first WOD was at Crossfit Wash Park, where she met Dr. Goodman and other members of the Wash Park Chiro Team!


Marcy earned her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Dayton. She minored in French, and had an incredible experience studying abroad and living with a host family in Angers, France after her sophomore year. This bolstered her passion for international travel and cultural exchange, and shaped the path that she has been on ever since. After graduating, Marcy took on a research internship in Auroville, India through her university’s engineering department. She also had the opportunity to move to Zaragoza, Spain, where she lived with a host family working as an Au Pair and taught English at a local school for a year. Her Crossfit gym in Spain, Base Rocalla, became like a home away from home : ) Upon returning to the US, Marcy pursued her passion for teaching English as a second language and got certified in TESOL. She currently teaches international students online through Education First.


After meeting Dr. Goodman at Crossfit Wash Park, Marcy decided to give chiropractic care a try to help recover from sports injuries. She set up her first appointment and was extremely happy with the experience - not only how her body felt after treatment, but also how welcoming and helpful the Wash Park Chiro Team was from the moment she stepped into the office. When the Office Assistant position became available, Marcy was eager to become a part of the team! After working the front desk, Marcy decided to go to massage school and become a massage therapist.


Marcy is all about trying new things. Travel makes her heart happy, and she enjoys experiencing different cultures, trying the local food, and meeting new people. She is fortunate enough to meet people from all over the world in the comfort of her own home through her ESL teaching position, and loves the flexibility that teaching online offers.  She has an ever-growing list of national parks and US cities that she is dying to check out (not to mention the even longer list of international destinations, with 20 countries checked off so far). When she is not working, she is usually moving! Yoga and Crossfit are her main forms of activity, but she also goes hiking, climbing, and snowboarding, and is open to other challenges, like that time she tried surfing (mostly unsuccessfully). She even tried mountain biking once, but was admittedly terrified. Marcy is also totally fine with being lazy on occasion, and spends a lot of time reading, sitting by a campfire with friends, watching Netflix, or hanging out with her fiancé Ben, baby Graham, and dog Oly.

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