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Cybil grew up in Arlington, Virginia where she played many sports in her early years but swam, dove and played baseball/softball competitively through high school. She also learned to ski at an early age. After college spent 20 years in Breckenridge, where she met her husband, had their son, Everett and met many amazing friends that became family away from home. It is where she learned to mountain bike and cross country ski as well as honed her downhill, telemark skiing and snowboarding skills. After having her fill of long, cold winters. Cybil and her family moved down to Denver and they love the urban lifestyle! She also truly loves the ocean and tries to get there at least once a year if not more. It is a place of calm, rejuvenation and freedom! Cybil has always been a swimmer and loves to snorkel, scuba dive, paddle board, body surf and one day hope to learn to surf and sail.


Cybil has a B.S from James Madison University. She is certified in massage from Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado. Her Masters in Oriental medicine is from Southwest acupuncture college. She then received her Certified Sports Medicine Acupuncturist from Acusports Education.


Sports medicine acupuncture, women’s health, homeopathic injections, solving challenging cases


“It was at my mom’s constant suggestions and the urging of my family doctor who was a D.O. that I get into healthcare. My mom suffered from migraines when I was a teen and tried everything the doctors suggested, prescribed, etc. to no avail. So when she was suffering at home I would rub her neck and shoulders because that is what she would do for me when I was sore from sports. She would swear was the only thing that gave her relief and as I got closer to graduating from college she would often suggest I consider massage therapy as a career path. A year after being in Breckenridge I was searching for what to do with myself and decided to try massage therapy since my mom was so persistent. And from there my eyes were opened to how incredibly intelligent the body is and how it really can heal itself if we support it. Something clicked, I loved learning all about the body and how intricate it is and yet how connected everything is. Fast forward a few years and I started to receive acupuncture for my own migraines which helped tremendously and I was intrigued and curious so I decided to get my masters in Asian medicine. In my studies I learned about a teacher, Matt Callison, out of San Diego that was combining western sports medicine with Chinese medicine which was right up my alley having done orthopedic & sports massage for so long. I have been studying and teaching with him ever since.”


In her free time, Cybil is an amazing mom to 5 year old Everett. She is a CrossFitter at Crossfit 1884 at the Denver Athletic Club and loves yoga, mountain biking with her family. She is an instructor with Acusports Education and hits the beach whenever she can!


Cybil is a self-proclaimed anatomy nerd and seriously dislikes being the center of attention!

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