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Carolyn began her college experience preparing for med school. However, life had other plans for her. She ended up double majoring in Motion Pictures and Theatre at the University of Miami, graduating with a BS in Communications and a BFA in fine arts. Months after graduating, she packed up her car and moved across the country to Los Angeles, California. Shortly after arriving, she adopted a plant based lifestyle and the health sciences bug bit her again, prompting her to go back to school and receive her masters degree in holistic nutrition and her PhD in Naturopathic medicine from Clayton College of Natural Health. Since plant based food was not quite a trend yet, Carolyn wanted to expand her cooking skills to make healthy yet tasty home cooked meals so she enrolled at the Natural Gourmet Institute as they offered the only plant-based culinary arts program at the time.


As a child, we ate healthy and home cooked meals. My mother never allowed processed foods, sodas or junk foods. Once I was on my own at college, I allowed myself too much leeway and gained quite a bit of weight. I knew that I had to lose it and found a weight loss program that changed my life. I was given a food sensitivity test, learned how to rotate my foods and how to properly portion. I lost all of the weight between freshman and sophomore year. From then on, I was incredibly fastidious about my food, health and fitness. So when the opportunity arose for me to train as a nutritionist, I grabbed it. I love helping all sorts of people discover the path to wellness as it is very different for each person. I believe food is not only something that sustains us but should also bring us joy as it nourishes.


Travel is not only my passion but a large part of my job so you may find me anywhere on the globe exploring, adventuring and trying delicious plant based foods. However, when I’m home I love cooking, gardening, spending time with friends at the beach, hiking, concert going, trying hot new bars and restaurants, dancing and catching up on fun tv shows.

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