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Washington Park Chiropractic Nutrition Services

Food! We all love food, I mean what’s not to love? Did you know that every time you eat or drink you directly affect your energy, brain, sleep quality, and immune system?   There is so much conflicting information out in the world today as to what to eat, how much, how often, etcetera; it can be very confusing, and even frustrating, to know how to eat based on your individual needs. A nutritionist can help to navigate those murky waters and give guidance based on your personal health and lifestyle goals.

Come sit down with me for an hour, and we will walk through your specific health goals; whether it be to lose weight, run a marathon, fertility/pregnancy, or any other health concern, I can help guide you on the path to your best self!

I am big believer in the power of food to both heal the body and maintain optimal health, therefore I am food first practitioner.  In certain cases, the therapeutic use of supplemental nutrients can be helpful to reach our target outcome faster. However, many of the health concerns we face currently are inflammatory responses generated by our body in direct connection to our lifestyle choices and are completely preventable (and treatable) through diet and lifestyle changes. You will be amazed at how much better you feel from making simple tweaks to your everyday routines!

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Kebbie Stine is passionate about nutrition and the power of food to heal the body.  A believer in the holistic approach to wellness, she specializes in incorporating nutrition, lifestyle and human spirit to create a foundation for health. She is a proponent of educating people on how to be a participant in their own health by giving them the tools to accomplish their wellness goals.

Kebbie graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1998 with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and completed the Master Nutrition Therapist program at Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO in 2017.  

Kebbie enjoys getting outdoors with her husband and two children camping, hiking, biking, and skiing. She is devoted to gardening, her seven chickens, 2 dogs, fish, and bearded dragon.

  • 60 Minute Consultation - $100
  • 30 Minute Follow Up Appointments - $50
  • Packages Recommended:
  • Prenatal/Postpartum Package includes 4 sessions and unlimited email support $200
  • Sports Package includes 4 sessions and unlimited email support $200
  • Take part in our Cleanse any time of the year for $125, includes a 15 minutes mini-consultation. One hour consultation can be added for $50 during the cleanse only.

Office hours on Tuesday from 1-3:30pm and by appointment.

Contact [email protected] or call 303-744-7100 to get set up.\

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