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Wpc Spring Detox Cleanse

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The WPC spring detox cleanse is geared towards everyone. It is not a juice cleanse or a shock-your-body cleanse. It is designed to be more of an “elimination diet” or a “jump start” to healthy eating. Essentially, we eliminate all possibly toxic or allergenic foods (caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy, soy, wheat & sugar) and load up on clean foods (vegetables, fruits, beans, rice, fish, etc.). Over the course of 10 days you will have a easy-to-follow guide on what you must eliminate and what you can add back in. The result is a detoxified liver, some lost pounds and a new appreciation for your relationship with food.

What you Can Expect: Everyone responds to this cleanse differently. You may lose weight, you may be grumpy, you may be full of energy, you may get a headache, you may never eat dairy again, you may learn to love apples and pears, you may feel hungry and low energy. Even though this cleanse is relatively easy, it will be a challenge.

How Long: 10 days

Cost: $125 or $225 for 2 people (Lets be honest, most of us spend that on coffee, meat, eating out and alcohol over the course of 10 days!)

When: Wednesday October 10th to Friday October 19th

What you get: Protein Meal Replacement Shakes, Shaker Cup, Liver Support Supplement, Recipes & Meal Planning Schedule, Shopping List, Daily Support Emails & Blogs

Optional & Recommended: Omega 3, Probiotic & Digestive Enzyme

Nutritional Consultation: Free 30 minute nutritional consultation with Kebbie Stine, LMT

After it is over: Reentry into a full menu can be tricky. We highly recommend introducing one food group at a time and in small doses. For the first few days after you may want to reintroduce meat for dinner or cheese. But if you can be patient and do these things a few days apart, you will actually find out how your body reacts to certain foods. You may discover a food intolerance, digestive issue or other side effect from a given food.

More info from Metagenics about the Clear Change Program can be found here!

Why Cleanse?

Spring is near, and it is time to start thinking about spring-cleaning. I’m not talking about grabbing your rubber gloves and your Swiffer. I’m talking about getting prepared for the upcoming warm weather by taking care of yourself not only physically but also nutritionally, chemically, and mentally.

Physically– Now that the days are lasting longer and the weather is warming up (for the most part), it is time to work any extra pounds we gained during the winter months. In addition to all of the work you put in on the slopes, now is the best time to plan and start training for the upcoming triathlons, races, and 14ers you plan to tackle during the summer. Many of the injuries we see at the office follow a situation where someone is trying to catch up for lost time and overusing or overtraining their bodies. Getting an early start and easing your body towards your goals will help avoid injury.

Nutritionally and Chemically– A great way to kick-start your spring is to kick-start your metabolism. At Washington Park Chiropractic, we’re going to be doing this through a metabolic detoxification process, or cleanse. A cleanse is designed to re-energize and enhance the body’s ability to rid toxins. They target the toxins that are fat-soluble – the toxins that are not easily eliminated and require more enzymes to be removed from the body. Another great plus is that cleanses knock off a few pounds in a healthy manner, and they get us back to nutritious eating habits that might have slipped a bit during the winter. If you’re looking for a great cleanse option, we offer a 10-day metabolic detoxification program in our office that we are all looking forward to doing this spring!

Mentally– We all know the important impact exercising and getting in shape physically has on our mental health. It is also important to understand that much of our mental health relates to what we put in our bodies (or get rid of during a body detox program). While cleansing, we eat nutrient-dense foods that are high-quality. By eating a diet full of whole, unprocessed, and raw foods, we are able to release toxins throughout our entire body – including those mental toxins that impede our ability to think and act more positively, energetically, and intelligently.

Email Kelsey and Marina at [email protected] to secure your space!

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