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Brian was born and grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. During those years, the environment was small town country-ish vibes, and as a sports loving kid he was outside playing basketball, soccer, football and attempting to play tennis. Watching many great athletes play in our small town gave Brian the interest to work, somehow, professionally in the sports environment. Maintaining his passion to work with athletes, in college he became a member of the sports medicine team for the football team and fell in love with the aspect of being “in the game”. The following year he became the student athletic trainer for the NC State cheerleading team, following them to every game they cheered at as well as their own competitions. In this role, Brian learned quickly how to use his hands-on skills, including massage and athletic taping, to keep the athletes performing at a high level. Brian is an established sports massage therapist, having worked with at least a couple hundred tennis tournaments over the years. His love for traveling and being on the sidelines matches well for the tennis and golf industry, where tournaments all throughout the year and all over the world.


Brian attended NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and graduated with a Bachelors in Parks, Recreation & (Hospitality) Tourism. He has managed competitive tournament sports medicine teams for major tournaments and worked as a practitioner within all levels of athletes, from youth to professional. Brian is also certified in SportsStretch, a sports massage that helps to reduce achey joints and tension. He is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well.


Brian loves being a go to resource for all wellness aspects. Whether it’s with the various hands-on or feet massage modalities or learning the movements of the human body that can engage various muscle groups to minimize or alleviate pain points, Brian will give you homework to use for your at-home pain management. When Brian was a teenager, he had many experiences with friends and family passing away, and he wanted to make sure he could help others live their best life for as long as they can. Whether that means teenagers, weekend warriors, or recreational athletes, he treats every client like they are a family member. 


With a sports background, Brian loves working with athletes. He is a personal trainer and certified in SportsStretch. He loves helping athletes recover from injuries and helping people improve their athletic performance. 


Brian loves his dog, Monty. He also loves spending time with his wife Tara who he's been married to since 2020. You can always catch Brian walking and sprinting with Monty, watching, recreating and/or participating in sports on the sidelines, studying and learning things, travel, and going to concerts and sports events with Tara and friends. Brian enjoys working with non-profit programs that provide great value to our community.

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